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Achieve Your Goals & Empower Your Mind
What Does The 513 Stand For?
"When Anything Is Exposed By The Light; It Becomes Visible"
-Ephesians 5:13
Brenda & Justin's vision is to empower you to take the next steps on your success journey.  They work hard to help "light up your path" and teach you the strategies that will enhance your business, open your mind and create true wealth so you can have the results you need and want in your life!

"Remove The Blocks That Are Holding You Back"
Achieving your dreams requires new thought beliefs and physically step out of your comfort zone to take your life to the next level. This can be challenging for most.  However, you cannot achieve true success with the same thoughts and habits that got you to where you are right now.  True growth can only occur when you break free of your limiting beliefs, old identities and stories you have created around your past...

Alpha Influence is designed to help you BREAK FREE  And Tap Into Your "Inner Power" And Remove The Blocks That Are Holding You Back From Creating The Wealth You Deserve... In Addition You'll Also Learn How To:
  •  Gain A New Level Of Confidence
  •  Master Your Doubts & Fears
  •  Improve Your Mental Energy
  •  Attract Wealth Effortlessly...

Want To Increase Your Wealth?
Many Of Our Clients Are Interested In Starting Their Own Online Business.
We Have Two Options To Help You Create The Income You Want:
Getting Started:
If you want to learn the best way to make sales using the internet watch this revealing training that gives you the #1 concept for internet leverage....Plus you'll get the free report: "61 Surprising Facts About How Entrepreneurs & How They Make Their Money Today!"
Quickest Path To Profit:
If you're looking to take advantage of high-ticket commissions while leveraging your time, this option is for you.  Click to register for the next webinar where Brenda shows you her 3 step formula that earns $3000 commissions in 30 min.
Want A Guaranteed Path To Success?

The Next Generation Of Goal Setting Is Here!
"Super Human Goal Achievement"
Introducing The 3 Step Formula To The Fastest & Easiest Way To Achieve Fulfillment In Your Life And Business!
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